"Tiada kesusahan yang menimpa seseorang melainkan dengan izin Allah dan sesiapa yang beriman kepada Allah..Allah akan memimpin hatinya untuk menerima apa yang berlaku dengan tenang dan sabar..Dan ingatlah Allah Maha Mengetahui akan sesuatu.."

Sunday, October 16, 2011


E-networking has already become a trend in first world countries for many years. But for us, the Malaysian it is a new thing to be practiced. Many of us still do not know about e-networking. Me, fresh graduate student also get to know about it just by past 2 weeks. I am a student but only learn about e-networking just when I am trying to find jobs through JobStreet..?? Poor child I thought. What about the others? What about my friends? Do they really know about e-networking business? Are they?
I keep questioning myself about that because I realized our country still slow in updating current issue and new technologies because we are still living as second world country. For example, Panaflex and Nicotin already being used in Japan and China for many years ago, but Malaysia only promoted these products recently. This proved that our country is far behind the other countries.
So what it is actually e-networking business? Only a simple answer..business through internet network. What profits can you gain from it? Of course it is about money! Business makes money right? Why money is important? To support our lives! And why it is important for Malaysian? Because our life cost today are higher than our salary! And what should we do? Involved in e-networking business! How? http://www.OnlyInMalaysiaMah.com/?ref=sitti is one of the best website I have visited. You will know the answer because http://www.OnlyInMalaysiaMah.com/?ref=sitti will guide you specifically.
I shared this because I love you Malaysian. If you really determined to change and free from poor life, go to that website and you really can get the profits.

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